LRR-X 1st Image (NASA DC-8)
Coastline Imaging Flight

[Northern end of Pt. Reyes National Seashore, CA]

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Precipitation Target of Opportunity for 13 June 2003 Flight:

University of Wisconsin NWP 12 hour forecast for 13 June 2003 locates possible precip target – low off the West coast of British Columbia and extending up toward the Gulf of Alaska.        


LRR-X First Image

LRR First Image

LRR-X first rain image (10.7 GHz Brightness Temperature):

LRR First Rain Image

Cross track image of Tb has variable slant path and ocean surface incidence angle versus off-nadir angle.

Colder Tb at edges of swath are due to lower horizontally polarized surface emission.

Emission by precipitation is visible as yellow streaks.





LRR-X Zenith-Normalized Path Integrated Attenuation (ZN-PIA)



 Slab/surface model



LRR-X estimated rain rate:

LRR-X Estimated Rain Rate

Rain rate estimated from PIA by acquiring freezing level from PR-2, then using parameterized slab model for rain distribution below sea level.  

Freezing level from PR-2: 5000 feet.







LRR-X TB Image (500m Resolution) - Composite of three east/west raster scan flight lines.

    Note: Cross-track variation in background ocean TB due to incidence angle.

TB Map

LRR-X PIA Image (500m resolution)

    Note: Zenith normalization removes cross-track incidence angle dependence.  Discontinuities between flight lines likely real; time difference ~30 minutes between flight lines.


LRR-X Rain Rate Image (500 m Resolution)

    Note: Derived from PIA using simple slab model with Marshall-Palmer DSD & coastal RaOb T(z)

Rain Rate Map

Ancillary AMSR Retrievals during 13 June 2003 LRR-X Flight

  1. Sea Surface Temperature

Sea Surface Temp

   2.  Surface Wind Speed

Surface Wind Speed

  3.  Cool Liquid Path

Cool Liquid Path

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